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Europe's most comprehensive data-driven monthly industry electric passenger car market flash report. Bringing you the key market data and insights to help guide in future planning.

In-depth analysis of 18* West European markets, based on monthly, cumulative and historical BEV registrations data with in-depth analysis by region, market, manufacturer, model, and sector developments at a regional level with a forward-looking forecast.

The report also analyses key and significant market and fleet CO
2 trends, with both national and regional legislation analysis playing a key part in the forecasting.


Plug-in hybrid (PHEV) volumes are also included by country, manufacturer, and top models giving a broad summary of the combined xEV/ZLEV plug-in European passenger car market and the medium-term outlook.

Developments in China are also used as a benchmark.

The aim of this compact monthly PDF automotive market intelligence study is to provide a supporting framework for all things connected with the European electromobility sector, providing comprehensive information and analyses

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*The 18 West European markets include the EU Member States before the 2004 enlargement plus EFTA markets Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, plus the UK.

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