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We help you improve decision-making and provide the tools to make those key actions efficiently.

Trusted by some of the world's largest automotive organizations, investment banks, policymakers, decision-makers and energy companies, we provide critical inputs in the decision-making process. We are here to accelerate you forward, ahead of your competitors of today or even tomorrow.  

Our product-planning resources give instant market, competitor and product analysis, all from an independent background with no bias. This helps minimise risk and achieve a more successful outcome.

Tailor-made consulting reports or presentations are available on request alongside our off-the-shelf publications, updated with the latest analysis and data every month. 

Online consultations in one-hour call batches are also possible

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tel: +49-151-443-40331

twitter: @EuroEVReport

Schmidt Automotive Research
Rostocker Str. 15A
28870 Ottersberg

Lower Saxony

VAT No: DE324010859

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