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0.25 million new pure electric cars added to W.European roads during the past 12-months

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Western Europe's electric car market is becoming as accurate as a Swiss watch. May's new registrations of these pure plug-in electric cars (BEVs) remained above 20,000 units for the seventh consecutive month according to exclusive data. The regional registrations - consisting of EU Member States before the 2004 enlargement + EFTA markets Switzerland and Norway - saw May volumes reach 23,000, and 127,000 during the opening five months of the year, resulting in a two percent share of the total passenger car market, year to date. In May the share fell slightly to 1.8 percent mix of the market from 1.9 percent in April. May also marked the first time that twelve month rolling new BEV registrations (June 2018 - May 2019) in the region surpassed a quarter of a million units, with 2019 full-year volumes expected to reach just above 300,000, up from 197,000 last year.

Renault's Zoe was the top selling model in Western Europe for a second consecutive month with just over 4,000 units registered in May, followed by Tesla's Model 3 with 2,900.

Tesla remained the leading manufacture in the region during the opening five months of the year - Renault claimed the top spot in May - claiming every fourth pure electric passenger car registered in the region. The manufacturer from California achieved 31,000 regional registrations from January-May, just under one third of which were registered in Norway according to exclusive data. This was followed by Renault and Hyundai/Kia respectively with just under 20,000 units. The top three manufacturers controlled over half of the market in the opening five months.

Tesla has been boosted by the introduction of the Model 3 which entered the market in February. First full month regional deliveries took place in March achieving 15,700 registrations in the region or close on to 40 percent of the total electric car market in the same month according to data. Tesla's European deliveries to Western Europe peak in the final month of the quarter and are expected to see a resulting rise during this month (June) although this isn't expected to be as high as in March as Tesla are expected to keep more volume in North America this quarter. Tesla's other two models, Model S and Model X experienced large falls however, with the Model S West European registrations falling by half during the opening five months year-on-year.

Norway remained the largest pure electric passenger car market in both May and year to date with 4,655 and 27,772 units respectively according to OFV data, although it was closely followed by Germany with 4,647 and 25,541 unit according to KBA data. Both markets combined accounted for 42 percent of regional registrations in the opening five month of the year. Italy despite a boost in electric car subsidies, introduced in April, saw pure electric car registrations record a disappointing 0.6 percent of total new registrations in May. More information will be made available shortly in a new report format.


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