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Volkswagen Group now tops Western Europe's pure electric car market

Pure electric BEV car registrations from Volkswagen Group's combined brands topped Western Europe's passenger car market during the opening third of 2020 according to exclusive data.

Although the market was heavily impacted by the corona pandemic implications sweeping across the continent – although Western Europe's pure electric market fell at less than half the rate as the total passenger car market – the combined pure electric BEV passenger car registrations from Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT and Porsche enabled Europe's largest passenger car manufacturer to move ahead of the Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi Alliance in terms of pure electric car registrations in both April and the opening 4-months of the year. VW Group and the combined pure EV registrations from Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi accounting for 22.5 and 22.2 per cent of Western Europe's total pure electric passenger car market respectively during the opening third of the year, resulted in both groups controlling just under 50 per cent of the market so far this year. The combined PHEV and BEV registrations from all Volkswagen Group brands (51,900), including a hand full of Bentley models, resulted in the total Group registering twice as many plug-in vehicles as Tesla (25,500) between January to April.

Volkswagen Group were targeting a 6 per cent BEV mix of its total 2020 European registrations according to Volkswagen's own forecast presented at the end of last year. At 2019 volumes that would have been 224,000 units at the end of 2020. However due to COVID-19 headwinds the combined Group are now likely to be closer to 180,000 while meeting the 6 per cent target in order to help the Group remain CO2 compliant in 2020.

This is just a summary of the European Electric Car Sales Monthly Market Intelligence Report which is published on a monthly basis and are available here.


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