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July 2020 West European electric car market round-up

"West European plug-in market races past China... and significantly, without Tesla tailwinds"

Full report available here

Key Updates:

  • W-European plug-in market moves ahead of China

  • German EV production almost triples over the same period last year 

  • 2-speed Europe – an uneven distribution of BEVs is emerging

  • Daimler plug-in volumes creep ahead of Tesla's

  • Renault Zoe top-selling model 2020

  • Over 100,000 plug-ins registered in one month

  • SUV/Crossover largest BEV sector in July with over 30% share

  • FCA register first PHEVs with BEVs on the way

  • CO2 values remain at new historically low levels

European electric car market 12-month rolling trend
European electric car sales 12-month rolling total up to July 2020 and historical trend

Renault Zoe No.1 model

Fuelled by its domestic market's increase in government subsidies (up to €12,000, with €5,000 scrappage bonus included), Renault's Zoe finished the opening 7-months of 2020 as the region's top model, with every second West European Zoe (48%) remaining in domestic France  

Germany EV production almost triples over the same period last year  

June data shows over 30,000 plug-in passenger cars were manufactured in Germany for the first time, almost tripling over the same period last year.

2-Speed Europe Uneven distribution of EVs is emerging Thanks to a mix of generous fiscal and purchase subsidies available in the three largest regional passenger car markets, Germany France and the UK respectively accounted for 66 per cent of all July BEV registrations. Half of July's volumes went to France and Germany alone.

Daimler plug-in volumes creep ahead of Tesla's

Six years after selling its stake in Tesla, Daimler's combined West European plug-in volumes have moved ahead of Tesla's during the 7- months period up to July as CO2 compliance bites.

Market outlook:

Impacted by the corona pandemic outbreak the revised 2020 forecast remains at 556,000 (58% y/y growth) from the original forecast of over 700,000 at the start of the year. This would equate to a 5 per cent share of a total market falling by -20 per cent. PSA said they expect a 25 per cent contraction across the European region.

This is just a summary of The European Electric Report Car Sales Monthly Market Intelligence Report which is published on a monthly basis and are available here.


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