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Tesla's Model 3 arrival in Germany looks notable for its absence

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Tesla's relatively disappointing reception in Europe's largest passenger car market Germany continued into May according to official German government data published today. The number of Tesla Model 3 claims for the so-called government Umweltbonus, translating into environmental bonus and consisting of a €2,000 government handout, matched by the equivalent amount from the manufacturer, fell for a fourth straight month since the Model 3 was added to the list in January 2019.

Just 62 Performance Dual Motor AWD applications As can be seen in this compiled data above the number of subsidies claimed for the Model 3 - qualifying for the bonus due to the base price price being lower than €60,000 before tax - fell to just 664 units in May. This was made up by, just 62 Performance Dual Motor AWD applications, 424 Long-Range Dual Motor AWD and 178 for the Standard RWD Plus verison which was added in May. The number of monthly submissions for the Long-Range Dual Motor AWD have close on halved on a monthly basis since the opening month January 2019, from 748, to just 424 in May.

The total number of German subsidy claims for the Model 3 totals 3,956 up to May 31st 2019. The subsidies claimed numbers during the opening four months of the year corresponded to 89 per cent of the equivalent period registrations total indicating that around nine-in-ten of every model registered claimed the subsidies indicating a good level of accuracy of this measurement and giving an accurate forward looking perspective for German Model 3 demand. Please get in contact for any further comment...

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1 Comment

Oct 24, 2019

In the rest of the world, they are slowly eating Germany's lunch. Prepare for factory closures

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