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VW Group hit with CHF 21.6mn fine for missing Swiss CO2 targets last year


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For a second consecutive year VW Group were hit with a large fine from the Swiss government for not meeting fleet average CO2 targets according to official Swiss government data and the European Electric Car Study research. The CHF 21.6 million (€21.3 million) fine accounted for 77 per cent of 2021's total CHF 28.06mn fines handed out by the non-EU European nation. Switzerland consequently isn't part of the Europe Union's CO2 fleet target despite other EFTA members Iceland and Norway being included.

Volkswagen Group's Swiss fine resulted from it breaching its mass-weight (1,718kg average) fleet adjust CO2 target of 120.8g/km by 2.8g/km.

It achieved 123.6g/km in 2021 following the generous deduction of the 10% phase-in adjustment (phased-out out in the EU in 2021), making the failure to meet its compliance levels all the more disappointing. Before the weight-adjustment and super-credits (factor of 1.66 in 2021) VW Groups's fleet average was 135.5g/km. The industry-average target in 2021 in the WLTP cycle was 118g/km, adjust from 95g/km in the NEDC cycle in the previous year. The average emissions from all new passenger cars were 12g/km over the target however recording an average 129.8g/km across the entire fleet in 2021.

VW Group's fine did see a large reduction in the amount paid out last year though which totalled CHF 111.5 million (€109.9 mn). VW Group, confirming during their Q1 investor call that they prioritised higher-margin vehicles last year, due to the limited amount of semiconductors, consequently saw them deliver more Porsche 911s than Audi A4 models in Switzerland last year, according to AutoSwiss data, and were therefore likely happy to miss CO2 targets in order to maximise profits.

Japan's Subaru was the only other importer to be fined a million sum fine.

The 4x4 specialist's received a fine of CHF 4.09 million(€4.03 mn) for missing their target of 149,7g/km by 33.5g/km.


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*Western Europe 18 Markets: EU Member States prior to the 2004 enlargement plus EFTA markets Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, plus UK


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