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Jaguar Land Rover set to remain in Tesla's EU CO2 pool during 2022

Updated: Oct 30, 2022


In a carbon copy repeat of last year, Schmidt Automotive Research can reveal that Jaguar Land Rover are set to remain in Tesla's European Union CO2 pool for 2022. The official document published by the European authorities confirms the Tata-owned UK-based company's declaration to form a pool with both Tesla and Honda during 2022.

Despite Jaguar Land Rover having a weaker CO2 target, or in Brussels language, a derogated target to meet, due to the low European volumes it delivers in the 27 member state European market, the company that currently only has one pure electric BEV model, the Jaguar I-Pace, which was launch in 2018 on the market, appears to be struggling to meet its derogated target of 131.8g/km during 2022 (NEDC).

The mass-weight based target for the majority of manufacturers is 95g/km in the NEDC cycle or closer to 120g/km in the WLTP cycle. Land Rover confirmed to Schmidt Automotive's monthly European Electric Car Study flash report that they won't introduce their first ever all electric Land Rover model until 2024, which will be the new Range Rover.

One problem, Schmidt Automotive Research identifies, is the fact that its sole BEV model is heavily exposed to the UK which was removed from the EU CO2 fleet emissions region (which includes both non-EU markets Norway and Iceland) following the 2020 transition year as a consequence of the UK's 2016 vote to leave the EU. According to the latest study, Jaguar saw 3-in-4 of its West European Jaguar I-Pace deliveries remain in the UK this year, with just 1,300 of the 5,200 registered across the 18 market West European region during the opening 9-months of 2022 finding their way over the English channel to continental Europe.

The terms of the agreement are not made public between the pool parties but it is possible to see from Tesla's latest quarterly results that the US company recorded a revenue of $286 million during the third quarter of this year alone through so-called regulatory credits, although this covers China, Europe and North America. UPDATE 30.10.2022: Jaguar Land Rover replied for a request to comment on the background on remaining in the Tesla open pool during 2022 as "an additional measure to jointly meet our specific emissions targets which have been impacted by the ongoing global semiconductor supply issues."

Meanwhile UK CO2 pool data, which falls out of the remit of the EU CO2 fleet system, shows the Volkswagen pool no longer includes Chinese brands which were featured in 2021 which indicated they are more confident on meeting 2022 UK CO2 compliance data.

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Declaration of interest to form an EU CO2 pool 2022


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*Western Europe 18 Markets: EU Member States prior to the 2004 enlargement plus EFTA markets Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, plus UK


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