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Tesla dominates 2022 West European top electric car model list, VW Group MEB model leverage

Top selling West European BEV electric car models 2022
Top selling West European BEV electric car models 2022

From the latest European Electric Car Study:

According to the full-year 2022 edition of the European Electric Car Study, the top two most registered pure electric BEV models across the 18 market West European region during 2022 came from Tesla.

Accounting for close on to every tenth new BEV entering the region's roads during 2022, Tesla's Model Y claimed the top spot with its first full year of deliveries, accounting for 135,897 units (8.9% market share) and becoming only the second BEV model ever to achieve more than 100,000 annual volumes across the region. The Tesla Model 3 saloon model was first to achieve this feat during 2021, recording 139,600 units or 11.7% of the total region's pure electric models during the same year. The Model 3 saw its volumes plunge by -36% however during 2022 as the Model Y took up the slack, resulting in the Elon Musk led company recording a combined total of 228,200 (+37.1% y/y) units during 2022, accounting for a slightly higher market share (14.9%) than in the previous year (14%). Volkswagen which saw its combined MEB-based pure electric models, stretched over seven models so far, surpass Tesla's total volumes, with 265,000 units, led by the combined volumes of the VW ID.4/ID.5 with 86,000 units – every third MEB model – helped Volkswagen Group top the market from a manufacturer perspective with 343,400 units. During the final quarter of the year, Volkswagen Group's combined pure electric models accounted for 24.7% of the total market, with a strong end of year push rebounding from a slow start of the year thanks to their exposure to the Ukraine wire-harness situation.

During the opening quarter of the year VW Group accounted for just 17.1 per cent of the total BEV market.

Ending the full year with a fully electric volume of 343,400, its volumes increased by 46,100 units over the previous year, or an increase of 15.5 per cent y/y. However as the market outpaced that rate of growth (+28.7% y/y) VW Group's combined BEV volumes across all five brands offering pure EVs, fell back by 2.6ppts to 22.4%. This compared with 14.9% market share from Tesla in second position. The main market share growth driver during 2022 was Geely's Volvo Cars and Polestar brands that saw their combined share of the market increase to 5% resulting in a 2.1ppt gain over the same period last year.

More in-depth reporting in the full study published each month. The study now also features an in-depth look at the Chinese OEMs as their European expansion slowly begins. Are Chinese OEMs really a threat to the established European OEMs and what does the outlook look like?


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*Western Europe 18 Markets: EU Member States prior to the 2004 enlargement plus EFTA markets Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, plus UK


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