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Tesla Model 3 top selling pure electric car in Western Europe

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Tesla's Model 3, first introduced to Europe in February of this year year, with its first full month of registrations taking place during the following month, remains Western Europe's top selling pure electric car model after 5-months this year according to latest SMA monthly data published in the European Electric Car Sales Update Report available each month.

With 25,966 registrations from January-May across Western Europe - consisting of EU Member States before the 2004 enlargement, plus EFTA markets Switzerland and Norway - the Model 3, manufactured in Fremont California, accounted for 20.5 percent of total BEV electric car registrations in the region during the same period. Although it was only the second most registered car in May, with 2,811 units behind Renault's Zoe with 4,612 units, the Model 3 is expected to see another volume boost in the closing weeks of June as the quarter comes to a close.

In Europe Tesla deliveries to customers follow a pattern of peaking in the last month of each quarter as shipments from N. America arrive. A repeat performance of the 17,408 registrations seen in March isn't expected in June. The reason being; it is understood that Tesla are keeping more Model 3 in N. America this quarter before another federal tax credit takes place at the end of June which is likely to boost domestic volumes this quarter compared to the opening quarter of the year. The federal tax credit for Tesla is once again being halved. This time from $3,750 to $1,875 on July 1, due to Tesla having registered more than the 200,000 cumulative volume limit last year. General Motors are the only other OEM that have reached this limit so far. European Tesla volumes are likely to see a bigger boost once again during the third quarter, boosted by the introduction of the Model 3 in right-hand-drive markets, the UK (largest boost will come in September as new registration plates traditionally boost numbers in March and September) and Ireland. However according to own research, major right-hand drive markets Japan and the UK account for less than 4 per cent of the global electric car market so the boost from right-hand drive vehicles is likely to be minimal. Also demand in Western Europe's largest passenger car market Germany, paints a worrying picture in terms of demand for the Model 3, as reported here previously. For more comment contact me directly. Details in contacts


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