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The German pure electric car market has now edged past California's according to latest research

Schmidt Automotive Research

According to the latest October report published by Schmidt Automotive Research, the German pure electric car market (BEV) backed by recently extended purchase and fiscal subsidies, achieved 122 thousand new BEV registrations in the opening 10-months, accounting for every fourth zero-emission tailpipe passenger car registered in the monitored 18 market West European region on a monthly basis.

However switch the attention to 9-months data where 98,370 BEVs were registered in Germany according to KBA data and 73,166 in the once home of the humble hybrid and now Tesla territory – accounting for almost every twentieth (Jan-Sep 2020: 4.2% market share according to AutoCount data from Experian) new light vehicle registered in California – and it is clear that the home of BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW has now rocketed past Tesla's domestic market.

With Tesla about to open its second overseas location – following its Chinese facility opened at the start of 2020 – in Germany next year, Tesla's German market share is hovering at just 0.5 per cent after 10-months (11,469 units) however, according to KBA data.

German electric car market now larger than California's

Just eleven months after surpassing Norway as Europe's largest pure electric car market, more than double the amount of BEVs are now registered in Germany than the Nordic halo market, accounting for every twentieth (5.2% mix) new model registered on the streets stretching from Berlin to Munich this year.

Significantly, its plug- in cars in circulation (Parc) trajectory is on course to reach 0.5 million units by the end of the year, surpassing Norway and France as the market with the highest plug-in passenger car population according to the report's latest research.

This is just a summary of the European Electric Car Sales Monthly Market Intelligence Report which is published on a monthly basis and are available here.


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