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VW CO2 pool attracts more Chinese OEMs – EXCLUSIVE

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According to Schmidt Automotive Research, citing official European Commission documents, Volkswagen Group added more manufacturers to its European CO2 pool at the close of last year, following the addition of SAIC's MG Motors during last year's third quarter. According to official documents, China's Aiways, as well as Geely owned London EV Company Ltd (LEVC) – the manufacturer of UK-based range-extender London taxis – as well as German-based Next.e.Go. Mobile SE, which now has a new investor following its insolvency last year, were added to the pool at the close of 2020.

Notably, all of the additions are either range extender (LEVC) or pure electric low-scale OEMs. Volkswagen did have plans, prior to Next.e.Go.Mobile SE's insolvency to work together, with e.Go licensing VW's MEB platform for its own use. It is unclear if this is still the case under the new company ownership. According to Matthias Schmidt from Schmidt Automotive Research:

"In terms of LEVC's addition to the pool, Volkswagen may well be looking forward to 2021 when the UK is no longer part of the EU regional CO2 average equation, despite non-EU nations Norway and Iceland currently being included. With LEVC registering around 2,000 range extender taxis, or London black cabs, in the UK in a normal year (2019: 2,130 units according to SMMT data) this will potentially help the Germans reach the UK's separate fleet average target – with a British made vehicle."

VW Group 2020 EU CO2 pool
VW Group 2020 EU CO2 pool

Volkswagen confirmed in an an investor call in December 2020 and in a follow-up email to Schmidt Automotive Research that they expect to miss 2020 EU CO2 compliance slightly by "just under 1g/km" but expect to be compliant from 2021 onwards. The Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi Alliance joint pool, as previously suggested was also confirmed for 2020 according to the same official document.

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